Anglican Funerals

In recent years the practice of an experienced funeral director being able to handle almost any denomination has fallen by the wayside, and many newer funeral directors don’t know their Orthodox from their Catholic, let alone their Anglican from their Presbyterian. 

For many decades W G Raven has been well known throughout Melbourne for its Anglican funerals, and for understanding the wide variety of practices in the Anglican Communion.

We maintain the specialist knowledge to distinguish between the Anglo-Catholics, the “middle of the road’s” and Low Church.

We can swing a thurible, bang a tambourine, or even help out with the polyphony when required. (One of our directors sang a Byrd Magnificat and Nunc Dimitiss a capella at one church when the power for the CD player failed, and one of our hearse drivers assisted on Electric Bass at another church!)

Ravens also has considerable experience with many of the modern Anglican communities established more recently, including some new Anglican communities from Africa and Asia, such as the South African community, and the Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi congregation.

If you are seeking a traditional Anglican service, Lonergan & Raven can certainly help.

The 2017 funeral for Rev. Noel Delbridge at Holy Trinity East Melbourne.

The 2017 funeral for The Honourable Justice Rosemary Balmford, first female Supreme court judge for Victoria, at Trinity College chapel.