Natural and DIY funerals

The fastest growing segment of the ‘Death Care’ industry, is the movement back to home based nursing, and to providing the support necessary for in home palliative care, followed by family preparation of the deceased, and vigils and services at home.

As a supporter of both the Death Doula's, and the Natural Death Advocacy Network, Lonergan & Raven works hard to provide the support necessary to allow people to explore more traditional options.

We have specific packages to assist families that want to do as much as possible of the funeral themselves. Sometimes our only involvement is to do the legal paperwork, and provide the transport for the homemade coffin, straight from the family home to the graveside or crematorium

Wakes and vigils at the home, with multiple days of the deceased laid out for visitors to pay their respects, and parties held around the coffin, are actually a return to more traditional practices, that pre-date the 1970’s movement to ‘corporatise’ the funeral industry by forcing everyone to use standard practices. 

Really, the only limitations to home funerals are the practicalities of the Australian climate, and by the amount of ‘intervention’ (read embalming) that is desirable to make home vigils possible.

Ravens also has packages to, as much as possible, allow all faiths their traditional practices. (Sadly the Indian family that requested traditional ‘Sky Burial’ – where the deceased is left high up for the birds pick at the remains – had to be told that this was not currently allowable in Australia… In fact it probably never will be, as we don’t really have the right birds.)

If you would like information on what is possible, or how much you can do yourself, feel free to call at any time. We will do our best to answer any questions.