Catholic Funeral Services

Lonergan & Raven Funerals commitment to providing the very best of traditional Catholic funeral services was a particular concern of director Gerry Lonergan.

This is a Lonergan & Raven funeral, the 2003 State Funeral for Father John Brosnan.

Since Gerry passed away our directors Graham Crawford, Robert Erbacher and Nigel Davies have continued the tradition of providing high quality Catholic funeral services, and many families, priests and bishops, automatically suggest the Lonergan & Raven name (or more specifically Graham's, Robert’s or Nigel’s names), when a death occurs.

We not only provide all the standard requirements for traditional Catholic masses, but we are one of the few companies left that makes the effort to deal with the 'old-fahioned' extra's that are such a meaningful part of many cultures – dressing by the family, overnight wakes at the family home, multiple viewings and rosary's where required, repatriations, etc.

Our thanks for your direction and consideration before and at the funeral Mass and internment of Mum.

This is the 2011 funeral for Monsignor Lyon, former Navy Chaplain, at St Patrick's Cathedral.

Whether you need immediate assistance, or are pre-planning or pre-paying your funeral for peace of mind, Lonergan & Raven’s can help.

Call 9489 8711 at any time, for any assistance.

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