Church or Chapel?

Most people who think of funerals automatically picture a church, and a large number of people have associations with their family churches. But non-denominational chapels belonging to the undertakers, or to the cemetery trusts, or to other groups, have always been available for people to use.

This is the Lonergan & Raven chapel in Clifton Hill. It seats about 70 (with room for another 30 - 40 standing). It is a 20th century modification of the original chapel dating from 1854. Some old Melbourne families have held four or five generations of funerals from this building. We do many funerals every year from this chapel, and many other families have viewings of the deceased before going on to churches.

At various times Lonergan & Raven’s have maintained several other chapels scattered around Melbourne – in places like Carlton, Fitzroy, Kew, Hawthorn, Noble Park, Northcote and Thomastown – but most of these are no longer necessary.

All the major crematoria now offer chapels for public use, and a range of private chapels and community centres and social clubs in all parts of Melbourne welcome funerals. Many offer excellent refreshments afterwards.

With chapels for such viewings now available from the Altona, Bunnarong, Fawkner, Lilydale, Springvale, Templestowe and Yan Yean Cemetery Trusts; and private chapels and reception venues also freely available in Box Hill, Bulleen, Eltham, Hawthorn, Kangaroo Ground, Ringwood and many other places: there is very little need for any modern funeral director to maintain multiple expensive chapels exclusively for their own use.

We maintain our heritage chapel in Clifton Hill, and also use a chapel in Hawthorn. We also book churches or chapels across Melbourne as families need them. The immense cost savings in not maintaining several of our own chapels is one of the main reasons that we can offer such high levels of service for a much lower prices than companies that maintain multiple locations. We pass these savings on to you.

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