Lonergan Funerals

Since the last Raven-McMahen retired in the 1970's, several distinguished men and women have been involved in the Raven’s Funerals story. One of them was Gerry Lonergan.

Gerry's commitment to Melbourne’s Catholic Community, and particularly to his favourite charity, the Irish-Australian Welfare Bureau, led to repeated requests for a ‘Lonergan’ brand in it’s own right.

Since the 1980’s Lonergan Funerals have became popular across Melbourne, and achieved great loyalty, particularly in the Catholic community.

Sadly Gerry died of cancer in 2001, but all the directors at Raven’s are committed to keeping alive his legacy, and his wife and sons maintain their interest in how his 'old firm' is doing.

We proudly continue to offer ‘Lonergan’ funerals as a tribute to a man who meant much to all of us. The business name was officially changed to ‘Lonergan & Raven Funerals’ soon after Gerry died, and that is how we answer your enquiries.

Whether you need immediate assistance, or are pre-planning or pre-paying your funeral for peace of mind, Lonergan & Raven’s can help.

Call 9489 8711 at any time, for any assistance.

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