Pre-Arranged or Prepaid

Have you planned ahead?

Pre-arranging or pre-paying your funeral can offer significant financial and emotional benefits to you and to your family.

An increasing number of people plan their own funerals, both to reduce the strain on their relatives after they die, and to ensure that they get the funeral they would have wanted. In fact, most nursing homes, retirement villages, or even respite care accommodations, now require that people list their proposed funeral director before admittance. This often provides the impetus for people to lay out their individual preferences for their own funeral in detail. You may even have attended funerals where personally addressed, handwritten thank you notes from the deceased are distributed at the end of the service!

Pre-planning your funeral can be done at two levels.

  • Pre-Arrangement is where the details are sorted out amongst the family beforehand, and often these are registered with a funeral director who can advise on practicalities and give a quote. No money changes hands for a Pre-Arrangement.
  • Pre-Payment is where the entire funeral paid for in advance. Sometimes many years in advance.

Thank you for helping us arrange such a lovely send off.

Note: You may also find advertisements on television or radio for 'Funeral Insurance' plans. ASIC recommends caution in regard to these. For the average consumer, they usually end up costing several times what the equivalent pre-paid funeral would cost.