Pre-Arranged Funerals

If a nursing home requires the contact details of a Funeral director before admittance, that might be a good time to think about which company you want, to do what sort of service, and for how much.

Pre-Arrangement might be as little as a phone-call confirming which undertaker will be called and whether it will be burial or cremation. This information should satisfy the needs of the nursing home, but it only scratches the surface of what can be prepared.

A more complete pre-arrangement would have one of our funeral directors sit down with you to fill out not only all the funeral requirements, but also all the legal paperwork and documents that are necessary to registration of a death. This is often very helpful, as some required information may take time to find: for example, some people don't have a clue what their grandmother's maiden name was.

A full pre-arrangement will cover things like:

  • what sort of coffin,
  • what clothing the deceased will be laid out in,
  • what is to happen to rings or jewellery (buried or passed on, and to whom),
  • where the viewing might be,
  • whether the service will be at a church or chapel, and which church or chapel,
  • who might conduct the service,
  • what music or hymns will be played,
  • whether the service will go on to a burial or cremation, and
  • whether there will be refreshments arranged for afterwards (and where).

All these, and many other details, are often better worked out well in advance.

Call us on 9849 8711 for no obligation assistance, or download our simple pre-planning form that you can fill out with your family.