The step beyond Pre-Planning a funeral, is to Pre-Pay the whole funeral.

Pre-Paying a funeral has a longer history than most people think, and a few years ago Lonergan & Raven’s honoured the pre-paid funeral of a person who had invested a few pence every week into a funeral bond while they were at Sunday School in the 1920’s!

Pre-payment is now strictly regulated by the State Government, and all funds collected must be put into a Funeral Bond. No funeral director can access the money invested until the funeral has actually been performed.

Lonergan & Raven uses the Bendigo Funeral Bond. We also have an association with the Foresters Friendly Society and we note that their 'Chief Ranger' in the mid 1800's was our own William George Raven.

An even more useful safeguard by funeral directors is to get a separate pre-paid Cemetery Bond or Cremation Bond at the same time, rather than including the estimated total cost in the Funeral Bond. It is an unhappy truth that government regulated cemetary trusts have, over the last thirty years, consistently increased price far above inflation rates.

Pre-payment of a pre-arranged funeral is a wise investment for most people. It is often a useful thing to consider as part of preparation for retirement too, because it is a perfectly acceptable way of reducing your assets prior to assessment for pensions.

Most improtantly though, it leaves a lot less for grieving relatives to worry about when the time comes.

If you would like Lonergan & Ravens to help you arrange to pre-pay a funeral - your funds invested securely with the State Trustees - call us at any time on 9489 8711.