Many funeral company's these days can provide you with custom produced DVD's or CD's - as well as service booklets or memorial cards - if that is what you would like for the service you are arranging.

(In fact some of us have been doing it for quite a while. W.G.Raven first used his Limelight Projector Apparatus - the biggest in the Southern hemisphere - to provide dissolving views of religious images for services in the 1870's and 1880's... Some tech just isn't as modern as people think!)

Lonergan & Raven has dozens of styles of booklets and cards available to choose from, and we can produce them quickly and quite cost effectively.

Or, if you want a memorial DVD of images constructed for the service, our staff can either guide you through producing your own digital memorials (if that is what you prefer), or take hard copies of photo's and the like and do the whole thing for you.

You can even have the funeral simulcast, and have a fully edited film version provided to you later.

We also offer a free online funeral notice displaying full details of the service in an easy to use format.  This can be sent onto your family and friends via email or text.  For an example, see