What you should pay.

It is unfortunately true that different Funeral Directors charge widely varying prices for exactly the same funeral. Some big name companies regularly charge over $12,000 or even $15,000 for a funeral that a company like ours would be able to do for between $5,000 and $7,000! (The big American style corporates often need to cover millions in expensive television or radio advertising to get new clients, whereas more traditional companies like ours operate mainly on personal referrals.)

We recommend that you always compare prices, and that you only accept averaged 'package deals' if they demonstrably save you money over a funeral specifically tailored to your requirements. (Package holidays are only a good deal if they take you where you want to go!)

Our standard packages include all the fixed items unavoidable on all funerals: making the arrangements, collecting the medical certificates, preparing the deceased, doing the legal and other paperwork, co-ordinating the family and the celebrant, providing staff and vehicles for the funeral service, etc.

We also automatically include some items that most other companies would charge extra for: a car for the family, a viewing at the time of service, a memorial book, the cremation fee itself, etc.

After that the optionial extras are innumerable, and their cost are added only at the level actually required:

  • Place of transfer (hospital, nursing home, private house?)
  • Time of transfer (after hours transfers cost $300 more than business hours transfers)
  • Place and time of Cremation (some Crematoria cost more at different times of day) or
  • Place of burial (country cemeteries are cheaper, but travel costs rise) and
  • Type of grave (Lawn grave, Headstone grave, Monumental grave, Mausoleum) or
  • Repatriation of deceased overseas after the service?
  • Viewing or not (and whether at our chapel, another chapel or a church?)
  • Upgrade of coffin or casket?
  • Type of celebrant (Minister, Priest, Bishop, Civil Celebrant?)
  • Organist or Piper or not?
  • Mass booklets or video shows or DVD recordings?
  • Refreshments after the service (and where?)
  • and so on, almost infinitely.

Every funeral is as individual as the person it is for!

Lonergan & Raven’s are happy to help you plan the best funeral for your needs, at the best prices we can find. We do not believe in giving inflated averaged prices and hoping for the best.

Finance Packages Available.

Contact us on 9489 8711 at any time – or fill out our online quotation request – for an individually tailored, no obligation quotation, that fits your needs.

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